Disaster Survival Equipment – Is It Necessary?

Purchasing disaster survival equipment is the first step in disaster preparedness for you and your family. In the event of a catastrophic disaster, we cannot rely solely on emergency personnel. They may be unable to assist the many people who will need help. Following a major disaster, stores and financial institutions may be closed. Utilities may be shut off. Buildings and roads may become too dangerous to use.

Disaster Survival Equipment – Why Be Prepared Now?

In today’s world, you must be prepared for any unexpected disaster. No matter where you live, there are potentials for man made disasters, such as terrorist attacks or arson fires. There are natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes. It is crucial to be self-sufficient. Store disaster survival equipment in your home, car, office and school. No one can predict where you will be when a disaster strikes.



Disaster Survival Equipment – FEMA and Homeland Security Compliant

Our disaster survival equipment is FEMA and Homeland Security compliant for emergency preparedness. This is based on FEMA and Disaster survival Equipment - 72-hour survival kit (4 persons)the Department of Homeland Security published guidelines. They recommend every home have 72-hours of emergency supplies on hand. We provide suppliers that design disaster survival equipment and supplies that are FEMA compliant. To see an example of these equipment and supplies, click here.

Our  Disaster Survival Equipment Offers These Benefits

  • Wide range of emergency equipment for disaster survival
  • Preparedness checklists for families, businesses, schools, and organizations
  • Equipment packed and ready-for-use in home, office, school, and car
  • Supplies specifically designed for children and pets
  • Gear is highly reliable and durable for use in the event of a disaster
  • Tips and  instructions on how to prepare for emergencies and disaster survival (Click Here)

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