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Mountain House Food is the right choice for your emergency food storage. There are many options each with their own advantages and disadvantages. By knowing how each type of food can be used in your overall food storage plan, making this decision can be made relatively simple. 5 Star Emergency Medical Supplies and our supplier, Nitro-Pak provide the Gold Standard of freeze-dried food.


Mountain House Food Units

Nitro-Pak offers a wide range of Mountain House units. Their Premium Three-Month Reserve is a smaller deluxe version of their extremely popular Gold-Reserve. Just like all of their emergency food reserve units, it is made for your family greater peace-of-mind and security in case of an emergency. This unit will provide approximately 2000 calories per day for one person for 3 months, or a family of 2 for 1.5 months. We have got you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner including beverages.

Mountain House Food - 3 month supplyThis premium unit comes with a total of 45 #10 cans (large restaurant size cans) that come packed in 8 easy-to-store cases. All Mountain House #10 canned  foods have a 25 Year Shelf-Life… the LONGEST of ANY storable foods. This may just be just the food reserve for which you have been looking. Order one or more NOW and get better protected TODAY.

Mountain House Food Key Features

Key Features of the Mountain House Premium 3 Month Reserve are:

  • Shelf-Life up to 25 Years
  • All ‘no-cook Gourmet Meals are “Just add Water” and Eat
  • Easy and Convenient Storage
  • Convenience and Food Selection in one Premium Reserve
  • Affordable Low Price

Mountain House Legacy

Oregon Freeze Dry was incorporated in 1963, when they began freeze drying fruit for a General Foods cereal. Later, they worked with the Department of Defense to develop and produce freeze-dried military rations that tasted better, weighed less, and were easier to prepare than canned rations. By the early 1970s, they were marketing their own Mountain House® line of freeze-dried foods for outdoor recreational use. In the 1980s, the Company grew rapidly as they began to manufacture private label packaged food products, and expanded their food ingredient line.

Today, they are the world’s technological leader in freeze drying. Their freeze-dried ingredients are key components in the products of some of America’s largest food companies. They are still a major supplier to the military, and their Mountain House® brand continues to be the favorite of backpackers and campers and an excellent choice for emergency preparedness food reserves.

They are proud of their reputation as a progressive, quality-conscious company. Through innovative research and product development, Oregon Freeze Dry will continue to lead the world in freeze drying technology. Shop at Nitro-Pak for your Mountain House Food today!

Mountain House--The #1 Backpacking Food!


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