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Solar power kits are excellent choices for just about any emergency. 5 Star Emergency Medical Supplies and its supplier, GOAL ZERO  can give you a portable solar power solution to support any combination of devices. We can give you a portable solar power solution for devices such as cell phone, smart phone, MP3 or iPod, GPS, laptop, desktop, CPAP, biPAP. We can even give you power whether you are hunting, fishing, or camping. Our portable solar power kits complete any emergency preparedness kit.

GOAL ZERO can keep your devices powered anytime and anywhere. All you need is a solar panel and a power pack. The solar panel collects the power and the power pack stores the energy for you to use. The solar panel captures the power from the sun and puts the power in the power packs. Getting power from the sun is one way of storing the power in your power pack. GOAL ZERO power packs can not only be charged by the sun through the solar panels, but also charged from the wall outlet or through a 12-volt car adapter. GOAL ZERO power packs have a variety of output receptacles:
  • USB ports for cell phones or tablets
  • 12-volt for DC accessories
  • AC ports for laptops, fans, CPAP, etc.

Our solar power kits easy to use – no electrician is required.

Solar Power Kits – Sized to Meet User Needs

The power pack stores the power. View it as a battery. GOAL ZERO provides power packs that store from 10 to 350 watt hours:

  1. Small Power Packs work well for powering small things like cell phones, lights, MP3 players (iPod) and e-Readers (Kindle)
  2. Medium Power Packs are used for powering things that need a little more power like laptops, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAPs) machines, bi-level positive airway pressure machines (biPAP), tablets, digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, etc.
  3. Large Power Packs are used for powering bigger devices, multiple devices or entire camps. These packs tend to be a bit heavier (26 lbs.) and not as portable.

Solar Power Kits – The Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit

For example, the GOAL ZERO Yeti 1250 Solar Generator Kit is best for safe, silent power generation. Solar power kits like the Yeti 1250Solar Power Kits - yeti1250main can be used to back up critical appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, TVs; and home health care equipment (e.g., CPAPs, biPAPs). The power pack stores 1250 watts of power.

It has the following features:

  • Recharges by AC, 12V, Solar
  • Provides power output through USB, 12V, AC, Power Pole
  • Supports Laptops, Mini Fridge, TV
  • Includes Yeti 1250, 2 x Boulder 30, Roll Cart, Solar Panel Travel Case
  • Weighs is 109.5 lbs


We recommend that you purchase the lightweight tripod mount for your Boulder 30 Solar Panels. It folds into a small unit that enables easy transport. Use it with Goal Zero Quick Clips. The tripod easily positions the solar panels toward the sun.

Solar Power Kits - Light-a-lifeIn addition, we suggest the Light-a-Life. It provides bright, low power-draw LED light when a soft lantern type light is desired. You can string them up around camp, beach or backyard easily with the adjustable carabiner and enjoy the night! Its power output is 3W with 270 lumens of brightness.


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